Arp Museum

The Arp Museum was planned with the architects Richard Meier & Partners from New York. One focus of the planning was to enable large sculpture loads with economically justifiable means. A span of about 15m was required in the exhibition rooms. The ceilings were limited in their natural frequency to minimize unwanted vibrations. The DRAHEIM TRÄGER was used here as a composite beam with a reinforced concrete ceiling. In order to be able to meet the high usage requirements with regard to the climatic conditions in exhibition rooms, early coordination with the technical building equipment was essential.

  • Conduits running through Draheim Träger in the Arp Museum during construction
  • Ceiling of the Arp Museum during Construction with conduits running through Draheim Träger
model of Draheim Träger with ceiling


Steel beams for large spans, loads and openings with a small overall height.

Schurzelter Straße 25
52074, Aachen, Germany


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