The construction industry is changing. New approaches and solutions must be found. At 95 Construction, we have made it our mission to recognize, develop and market innovative products in the construction industry. This way, buildings can provide a greater experience for people and be built more sustainably.


  • QUALITY – We deliver quality on time.
  • INNOVATION – We strive for continuous improvement and new ideas.
  • TRANSPARENCY –  We communicate internally as well as externally with openness and honesty.
  • DIVERSITY – It requires a variety of skills, personalities and viewpoints in order to find solutions to problems.
  • FUN – We work better because we have fun.


  • Hannah Draheim
    Hannah Draheim the Chief Executive Officer at 95 Construction
  • Eva Metzen
    Civil Engineer
    Eva Metzen an engineer at 95 Construction
  • Christof Draheim
    Senior Advisor
    Christof Draheim an advisor at 95 Construction


Shape the future of construction with us. The ideal member of the 95 Construction Team is a self-starter who thinks outside the box and is not afraid of ambitious ideas.

The diverse skills and experiences we are looking for include design, engineering, construction, strategy and more. Contact us if that is you.


Schurzelter Straße 25
52074, Aachen, Germany


+49 241 92883 22



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