Feldhaus Hamm

The building, which was originally built as a hotel in 1870, was fundamentally renovated, expanded and converted to its current use as an office and commercial building after a vacancy of approx. 5 years. The existing building was supplemented with a new building made of red-colored concrete sandwich elements. The new building is accessed via a steel bridge that spans the alley between the buildings on the first floor. The ceilings in the column-free new building were made with prestressed concrete parts and the DRAHEIM TRÄGER. Thanks to the use of prefabricated elements, the construction time for the shell and facade was only 2 weeks.

  • Office building Ostenallee in Hamm from above
  • Ostenallee building in Hamm from the side during construction
  • Draheim Träger on a crane being placed in the Feldhaus Hamm
  • Installation of Draheim träger in the Feldhaus Hamm
  • Draheim träger inside the Feldhaus Hamm
model of Draheim Träger with ceiling


Steel beams for large spans, loads and openings with a small overall height.

Schurzelter Straße 25
52074, Aachen, Germany


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