beamUp in healthcare construction

When a healthcare facility’s age, condition, or ability to function begins to compromise quality and safety, upgrades are required. Ever-changing standards and advancements in medical equipment and procedures make construction in healthcare challenging. Changes constantly occur. It is important that we design for flexibility and adaptability to minimize the impact of the related conversions.


Pre-construction planning and preparation is vital in the healthcare construction sector. However, from the panel “Balancing Clinical Renovations with Infrastructure System Improvements” at the New York Build Expo we have learned that changes in the plans still occur once construction has already started.

beamUp secures additional capacity into the system infrastructure. This reduces future costs and time involved in converting the building to accommodate new systems.


beamUp can be implemented in the new construction of healthcare facilities, creating wide openings. Changes in high-performance HVAC and electrical systems can easily be routed through the existing beams, minimizing impact, costs, and time. beamUp can also be implemented in existing facilities. We have developed a way that requires minimum invasion of the existing structure. Only concrete in the area that will be replaced by beamUp has to be removed. The load-bearing capacity of the beam will not be reduced.

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